From many the tuition centres you found in the internet, trim down your list by following these simple steps:

1. Gather Information
· If the centre has a website, visit its website to learn more about the center. Take note of the subject(s) they offer, qualifications of their tutors and testimonials from their current customers.

2. Determine the Goals
· Focus on the reason why you are looking for the best tuition centre. If you child fails science subject, it is good to go for a science tutor.

3. Understand your child’s needs
· Before you can choose from the many tuition centre, you have to understand and recognize the needs of your child. From there, you will be able to determine what type of centre you are looking for.

4. Personalization
· There are many tuition centre that holds around 20 students. As a result, tutors do not have time to cater to focus on the needs of their students. Remember, the smaller the class, the more attention you child will be getting.

5. Location
· Always estimate the distance of the tuition centre from your home. It should not be a burden to you and to your child as well. The lesser the travel time is, the more prepared your child will be in studying.

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