Even if there’s only a much smaller population of Indians in Singapore compared to Chinese or Malay community, they still need to study a second language apart from English. Most of them will opt to choose Tamil since it is their natural language. Thus, making it very critical for your child to be able to read, comprehend, write and speak in Tamil.
The study of language cannot be compared to studying any academic subjects such as Mathematics and Science. Since aside from having to study and memorize the basic (principles), your child also needs to practice it more frequently.

Currently, there’s only a few time allotted for any students to study their second languages. This time allotted is not enough for any child if we expect them to perform and to excel. Enhancement in the language needs more than reading books and watching movies. They have to converse or interact with people who really know the language to ensure that they will be corrected and praised for any wrong or correct word/s that they are using. Taking all of these into consideration, we greatly encourage and offer the benefits of home tuition.

Tamil being one of the least practiced languages in school, to learn it, it has be to used as frequently as possible. This is where home tuition comes in. It will give a venue for frequent conversations and interactions. Also, in home tuition, your child will not just enhance his communication skills (verbally) but his written skills as well. If he will be given assignments or homework or if he will be asked to write an essay, the focus that the tutor will give will assist him to construct his thoughts and ideas and put them into writing.
A good jumpstart for your child goes a long way to their future. Provide your child with the best learning opportunities as early as possible and you will be assured of a very good future for your child.

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