Small Group Tuition- What Is It?
It is also known as Group Tuition. It refers to a private tuition conducted by a home tutor with more than one student.

Are there any difficulties in Organizing Small Group of Tuition?
Small group tuition requires coordination between the home tutor and students. There are instances that everyone needs to sacrifice prior commitments in order to meet the time of everyone. Therefore, the bigger the tuition group is, the harder it will be to agree on a schedule.

What are the advantages of Small Group Tuition?
* Enjoyable Setting
In a Group tutoring, there will be more interaction between the tutor and the students. Your child will definitely be looking forward to the next tuition session

* Explanation
Students within the group try to confirm their understanding by re-explaining or re-phrasing to everyone what the home tutor is telling them. This in return will help them to better understand what is being discussed.

* Competitiveness Provokes Improvement
No one wants to be left behind by his colleagues. With this in mind, students within the group will make sure that they always do better so that they will not be left behind in their studies. This will be their motivation to work hard to be better or even to be the best student in the group.

* One’s question maybe another’s unknown riddle
Having no questions doesn’t mean that a person knows everything. It might just mean that he has not encountered any opportunities yet regarding the subject. In a Group Tutor, questions raised by other students are already an additional learning for some.

* Affordable Tuition Fees
Group tuition will divide the expenses among the students. It will definitely be cheaper for the parents.

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