Education, not only in Singapore but also worldwide, is one of the essential things we need to focus on.
Studies have shown that those who have good educational backgrounds succeeds more than than those
who drops out of school.

A lot of factors can affect one’s behaviour towards education. Studying in schools is getting more
competitive. Due to lack of teachers and schools, teachers handle larger classes than one should have.
Teachers tend to overlook the specific needs of each students. Since the class is so big, the teaching
style and method is so general that it may not be suitable for some. Learning needs at an individual level
will not be addressed. Some students may also have low self-esteem. Instead of asking and participating
in class, students may just keep their questions to themselves and end up not understanding what has
been discussed in class.

This is where private home tuition comes in. Private tutors can move at a pace of the student’s
capability. Since there is no more pressure, students can see studying in a positive light.

Nowadays, almost every parent in Singapore hire private home tutors for their children. This is because
of the competitive environment schools present to our children’s everyday school life. Private home
tuition plays a vital role in helping our children survive in the fast-paced school environment.

Benefits of Private Home Tuition

1. One-to-One Attention. Your child has the tutor’s full attention. This way, the tutor/teacher can
assess your child’s specific needs, not only in education but also as an individual. You can also
determine wether your child has really understood what is being taught. Since you can spot your
child’s needs right away, you can also provide and address these needs as soon as possible.

2. Flexibility. In a fast-paced life that we have, parents have hectic schedules. Normally, we don’t
have enough time to be hands-on with our children’s everyday needs. You can schedule your
child’s home tuition at your own convenient time. You can also choose the person you want to
have as your child’s tutor.

3. Friendship. Unlike in large classes, the tutor and your child can build a more personal
relationship. Your child will be more open with what he really thinks and feels. He can also be
more vocal with his personal needs. This way, you won’t have to guess what your child needs
and wants.

4. Inquisitive. Children tend to be shy when in front of many people. When in class, they may keep
their questions to themselves than ask in the middle of the class. In one-to-one home tuition,
your child will be more comfortable in asking things he doesn’t understand about a certain

5. Model. A good tutor can become a good model and example as your child grows up. The tutor
can inspire and lead your child to the right path towards success.

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