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To avoid the hustle and bustle in a child’s education, many parents are choosing to start investing early. To jumpstart your child’s future career, let us look into the Primary Schools since this is the first major step amongst all types. A good primary school will give your child the fundamentals on how he will face the growing challenges in studying and learning a lot of things. Aside from which, in Primary education, this is where you can identify what are the needs of your child to learn fully and maximize his potential.
Primary home tuition sets the mood of your child to all of these. This is where learning truly begins. Without the proper fundamentals, it can deter your child from reaching their goals in the future. Moreover, your child has to cope with not only their languages, but Mathematics and Science too.

By providing home tuition to your child since Primary 1, the mindset of your child will be directed towards excellence. It will be easier to influence your child to take time out from playing to actually studying. There are two (2) major examinations in primary school. These are the P4 streaming exercise, where students are divided into the EM1/EM2 or EM3 steam( although on paper is already opted out but practically its still being practiced in school); and the P6 leaving examination (PSLE), which will determine the Secondary school that your child will be posted to. Since these are the two of the most decisive exams, it is highly recommended to provide your child with an additional helping hand. Because our home tutors were once students before and had undergone the whole education system, they would understand what your child is facing. With their experience and expertise, they can identify what your child needs to improve on and how they can help your child.

You may observe your child struggling when he first steps into primary school because it is a new experience to them. If this happens, do not fret, this is just part of their growing up stage. Instead, give them someone who will help them adapt to their new environment and surroundings. There might be some who will be too overwhelmed with what is happening. And instead of them concentrating in school, they might be concentrated in going home and play. This will definitely be a hindrance in their studies. However, with the help of primary home tuition, you will be guaranteed that your child will be supported and given enough attention all throughout the way.

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