The importance of Preschool home tuition is that it is not just teaching your child the subjects but it is also teaching them to appreciate and value learning and promote excellence. Not only that, preschool home tuition will give your child an edge amongst his classmates once he gets into primary school. Also, since they will start young, there are a lot of methods that the tutor can choose from to capture the attention and interest of your child. The tutor can play music, sing songs or teach a dance based on their topic for the day.
In preschool, the focus is English and the Native language. These two (2) subjects that your child will learn and use for the rest of their lives. By having a head start through home tuition, it will help him and give him a stronger foundation that he can used during his studies or even in pursuing his career aspirations.

Also, at such a young age, to start right is the best gift that you can give to your child. The gift of knowledge and wisdom will increase his confidence in interacting to other people. Also, it will give him the chance to express more himself in school if he already knows the fundamentals.

Lastly, preschool home tuition is more engaging as it allows more interaction within the home compared to a school set up. The focus of your child will be studying instead of in school where in they will be tempted to play with their classmates and friends.

In Singapore, your child’s academic progress will be measured on how you prepared your child at a very young age. If you will do it now, you will never go wrong tomorrow or in the future. Acting now on the need of your child will give you the security that he can face anything that will be given to him. And that he will speak up if needed and asked to.

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