Malay tuition caters to the Malay community in Singapore. Aside from them learning the English language, they will also be required to learn a second language. Most of the time, their second language would be Malay since it is their natural language. Therefore, it is imperative that your child learn to read, write and speak in Malay.
Language is different from any other academic subjects in a sense that it doesn’t involve any formula. What it requires is constant practice in order for anyone to do extremely well on it. Therefore, the only way to perfect it is to ensure that it us used or practiced as frequently as possible. Normally, the typical timing allocated for second languages is more or less two (2) hours daily. Also, since majority of our peers conversed in the English language, it is becoming more difficult in learning the language. With all of these, the best way to help our children is through home tuition.
It is more effective to do home tuition because of the following
* Attention- The tutor will definitely focus on teaching your child conversing
* Correction- In all activities, if there will be opportunities seen by the tutor, it will be corrected immediately.
* Interaction- The increase in conversation using the Malay language will enhance the skill of your child faster
* Comprehension- In depth explanation and discussion of concepts will happen between the tutor and the child thus allowing him to perform well in exams

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