All students are required to at least have one subject un Humanities during their Secondary school and Junior College. The subjects that they can choose from are: Geography, History and Literature. Literature literally means “things made from letters”. It is sometimes classified as fiction and non fiction with two (2) major techniques—poetry and prose. This study is very welcoming to some but a nightmare to others. Not all students are very good or are into literature. Some would rather watch or read it than study about it.
Literature is deemed as the toughest of all the topics/ subjects under Humanities. As much as possible, they try to avoid it and choose others. This scenario happens because the students don’t have any strong foundation in Literature. Or there are no one to give their full support for them to succeed in Literature. Not many people opt for home tuition in Literature. However, if they do, they will be able to notice the difference that it can actually make.
These are the challenges that Literature students face every day:
a. The structure of sentences in Literature can be pretty intimidating.
b. The teachers in school may not be able to explain everything well due to time constraint. This lack of time may cause confusion on those students who are not really familiar with Literature or the terms that they use.
c. Moreso, not all have an excellent grasp of the English language that they might misunderstand what they have read or watched.
All these mentioned challenges, home tuition can assist students in figuring out the root of the problem that they are facing. A tutor can provide additional assessments on the assignments and how students can solve them in the future. This will help them to do better and at the same time, build up the confidence that some of them lack in.
Literature is all about knowing the right question to ask. As our tutors have been through the subject themselves, they can and will provide additional guidelines and various methods to answer enquiries. Hence, students will have options in terms of approach if they are not comfortable with what they are currently doing. This will definitely be an advantage for them over their fellow classmates.
Literature is not an easy subject. The English language used can be rather complex and tricky. However, home tuition is a solution to that and we can help you with that!

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