Because of the competitive environment that the students are facing in school, it is very common for parents in Singapore to engage in a private tutor to guide their children with their school homework.

A home tutor is more like an informal teacher to the child as compared to his teacher in school. Thus, making the child more open in raising his concerns or sharing his confusions. Moreover, home tuition helps students prepare themselves before the start of the class or an exam. The sessions with the tutor will serve as a “review” ground for the student. Therefore, he will have more confidence in participating in class discussions or taking any tests.
The government implemented many measures to regulate tuition agencies in order to ensure that home tutors are highly qualified. Through social media, internet ads or websites, the parents can easily choose and list down a few suitable candidates of their choice for their child. Based on their own preferences and timing, they can already review what the agencies offer for the growth of their children.

The Type of Home Tutor that is Suited for your Child

1. Fast Learner Children
Home tutor needs to challenge the student to push his limits and to excel. The home tutor would have to focus more on the self motivation part of the student. The fast learner needs to be given the sense of urgency to achieve certain tasks that he is (potentially) capable of doing.

2. Slow Learner Children
Home tutor must be patient and understanding. He must ensure that he provides a closer supervision and guidance to the student so that he will be able to understand any topics that will be discussed to him. Also, what can help is that he must be able to understand the thought process of the student so that he will know what technique to use in teaching the student.

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