English is now the most widely and commonly used around the world including Singapore. In almost all instances, being able to
speak English fluently has become a requirement in a number of fields, occupations and professions.

For one to be successful in this fast-paced and competitive environment, a person should be able to
express and communicate properly in English. It is hard to write and speak the language if you don’t know the
proper grammatical rules, spelling, and pronunciation.

In this technological era where in the use of cellphones and the internet is rampant, texting English
language and slang language are commonly used; because of this, we tend to incorporate these way of
English usage even with our everyday life.

Getting home tutors to help you write,speak and comprehend English well

Our home tutors will be able to help you learn write, speak and comprehend English well. To address
difficulties with learning the language, it is important to introduce proper usage at a very young age.
This will help build a strong and firm English foundation in your child’s vocabulary. As they become
comfortable with speaking and writing in English form, they will be more comfortable with their other
subjects. This will also help them cope in their everyday interaction as this will help them be more
confident with themselves.

Since most subjects are now written in English form, as they become more familiar with the language,
they will comprehend what’s being discussed better. In return, they will be able to excel in their other

Through our English tuition at home, we can help you address and extent your child’s learning ability. We
can help them learn the proper spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. As they learn to use the language
appropriately, their vocabulary would widen as well. This would help them in expressing themselves
as they grow up and interact with other people.



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